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Q:What are the benefits of natural stone?

A:Natural stone is used for its durability, beauty, and quality. Granite and other natural stones will last forever and can be used in many applications around the house.

Q:How long will the natural stone replacement process take?

A:From template to install is usually 3-5 days.

Q:Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom and fabrication facility?

A:No. We always have someone available at the showroom. Our hours are Mon- Fri 8AM to 5PM.

Please Contact: Tony Falasca 901-871-9291

Q:What is the thickness of natural stone slabs?

A: Standard thickness for kitchen counter tops is 3cm (1 1/4″) 

Q:Do I have to buy the entire slab?

A:No, you only pay for the material used in your project.

Q:How do I care for my natural stone surfaces?

A:Stone surfaces are fairly easy to maintain and keep clean. Just use warm soapy water.

Q:Will my counter tops come sealed?

A:Yes we will seal your counter tops with a penetrating sealer, A Sealer Warranty of 25 Years.

Q:Can granite crack?

A:No, not during everyday use.

Q:Does granite stain?

A:In general, no. However, acidic substances and oils will eat through the sealer and cause “etching” in the stone. Marble will also stain if in contact with acidic substances.

Q:Can I place a hot pot directly on the surface?

A:Natural granite is heat resistant. While placing a hot pot on your natural granite counter top won’t damage the stone, it can degrade the sealer, which can lead to staining. We recommend using a hot pad or trivet to protect your countertop.

Q:How are seams made?

A:Seams are done when two pieces meet. The seams are joined with epoxy and color matched to blend with the stones color. Most seams are not visible and are usually less than an 1/8th of an inch.

Q:Does granite have pits and fissures?

A:Yes, since granite is a natural substance, pits and fissures are a natural part of the stone’s natural structure. These fissures are not cracks and will not compromise the stones strength. Are 25 year sealer fills everything in. 

Q:Can granite be fixed?

A:Granite is so durable that it normally does not lend itself to damage. But, if it does chip we can fix it with ground chips of granite and epoxy.

Q:How heavy is granite?

A:Granite weighs about 18 pounds per square foot. Any well constructed cabinet will be able to support the weight of the stone.

Q:Do I need support brackets for a bar cap overhang?

A:We recommend using support brackets for any overhang that exceeds 6″.